Stockings and sex

During a friend’s visit this last two weeks we got into an interesting discussion about the frequency of physical intimacy among couples where the female wears stockings versus those where the female does not. (Sorry, but we did not think to discuss men in stockings.) We all agreed that based upon our personal experience and […]

How To Seduce Foot Fetish By Doing Footjob

One of the most popular sexual fetishes today is the foot fetishism. Although, this is one of the most popular, you may have a hard time in finding a fetish partner with similar footjob. With the use of internet, many foot fetishes is now enjoying the privilege of joining sites that are intended for them. […]

High Heel Shoes Defines Seduction For Women

Author: Karunakar Buy High Heel Shoes High heel shoes are hot and exotic and a must have for all fashionistas. There is a vibrant variety of high heel shoes everywhere you look, not just on the ramps and fashion shows but also in parties, offices and malls. Whether you like it or not, heels are […]