Legs of the month

One of the most common fetishism, a sexual fantasy than can be shared with the partner is exhibitionism. Women with beautiful legs have the opportunity to show off they legs, with or without hosiery, with this italian website, legambedelledonne.com. The picture attached is from “Miss july 2017”, the mentioned website every month choose from the […]

High Heels fetish

The woman in the pic has an high heels fetish… not my words, she describes herself as an high heels fetishist. Someone says fetishes are just a male things, women can’t be fetishist so what do we have here?  A lesbian? Or maybe a great looking, long legged girl with a passion for tattoos, stockings […]

Stockings v tights v bare legs

I would like to hear from the women who frequent this site as to the benefits of wearing gartered stockings versus pantyhose. Why did you decide to switch to this older style of hosiery? Don’t you find wearing garterbelts, etc inconvenient or uncomfortable? Considering modern fashion trends, why do you wear any hosiery at all? […]

Wearing stockings to be desired, or for desire itself?

I’ve had a delightful evening’s read through here for the first time. This site is a wonderful blend of the desirous and those wanting to be desired. As a heterosexual female, I find it strange that I’m wondering in which category it is that I fit. My first experience with a garter belt and stockings […]

Are hold-ups stockings?

Is the any real definition between hold-ups and stockings as there is with tights/pantyhose, i.e. stockings are so-called as they are complemented with a suspender belt, so when somebody states they have had a sighting of a person wearing stockings, hold-ups cannot really be included. Just a thought… – It depends. I wear hold-ups a […]

Stockings and sex

During a friend’s visit this last two weeks we got into an interesting discussion about the frequency of physical intimacy among couples where the female wears stockings versus those where the female does not. (Sorry, but we did not think to discuss men in stockings.) We all agreed that based upon our personal experience and […]

Loving the woman in the stockings

I have been with my girlfriend for eight months and have been a stocking/hosiery lover on women for a number of years (ever since I convinced my high school girlfriend to wear hold-ups about eight years ago). When I first brought up the subject of hosiery with my g/f, she told me she hated to […]

Sheer backseam stockings and attached lace garterbelt

Lace top sheer stockings with backseam and attached lace garterbelt.

The Magic of Lingerie Confidence

Holding daily stress at bay with a smile and a bubbly bounce in your step becomes effortless when you feel fabulous in your clothes. We’ve all experienced the rush of stepping out in that new suit or dress. If only the perfect new outfit were a possibility for every gal each and every morning! A […]