Discover Your Lover Travel Edition

Discover the world and each other! The tantalizing travel game for a mutually erotic adventure. Introducing… Discover your Lover ‘Travel Edition’, for some extra eroticism when on vacation! After all, a vacation is the perfect moment to rouse the slumbering passion in any relationship! This stimulating travel edition of the world famous erotic game for […]

Stockings and sex

During a friend’s visit this last two weeks we got into an interesting discussion about the frequency of physical intimacy among couples where the female wears stockings versus those where the female does not. (Sorry, but we did not think to discuss men in stockings.) We all agreed that based upon our personal experience and […]

Why Stilettos Are Sexy – The Smart Way To A Your Sexy Self

Stilettos have a unique way of combining beauty with that sexy outlook. They will most definitely work wonders with you if you are a person who has style and taste. Men will always drool at a woman clad in stilettos, but do not blame them. Stilettos are sexy and it is no longer a secret […]

How To Do Sex Magic

It’s important to clear up any misconceptions about sex magic before one considers using it. It’s not a game nor is it meant to spice up a boring sex life. It’s not even for sexual pleasure or making babies. That said, it is not at all impossible to consider that it will greatly transform the […]

How to Give Your First Blow Job – Step by Step

So, you’ve never given a blow job before? I can imagine what’s going through your head… most of you are worried that the guy will just give you a tap on the shoulder and say “that’s enough, maybe next time” – the “next time” which will probably never happen, after he goes around and tells […]

How to Give Incredible Anal Orgasms

How to Give Incredible Anal Orgasms By Cindi Jame Anal sex is often thought of as taboo, so learning how to give incredible anal orgasms is not something we hear a lot about. It is quite possible – and quite pleasurable – to have an intense orgasm from anal sex. The keys are patience and […]

G Spot – Hit the G-Spot Every Time!

G Spot – Hit the G-Spot Every Time! By Sacha Tarkovsky You will learn here how to find the G-spot with your partner, and once finding it, use of a special sexual position to stimulate it, and bring her quickly to climax after climax (once you learn the technique). To find the G-spot, you need […]

Top and Hot Sex Position to enjoy Sex

Women love sex. In fact, some women think about it just as often, if not more, then their male counterparts. They fantasize constantly and at great length (with you being the object of their desire, of course). These hot little fantasies can cover a broad spectrum of kink, but almost always involve one of the […]