Are hold-ups stockings?

Is the any real definition between hold-ups and stockings as there is with tights/pantyhose, i.e. stockings are so-called as they are complemented with a suspender belt, so when somebody states they have had a sighting of a person wearing stockings, hold-ups cannot really be included. Just a thought… – It depends. I wear hold-ups a […]

Tights for Sexy Legs

Inspired by the hose worn by European men in the middle ages, fashion designers created a one-piece garment that sheaths the waist, extends to the legs, up to the toes, and named it tights. Tights are available in various styles, colors and sizes. Often mistaken for pantyhose or leggings, there is a subtle difference between […]

What is Tight ‘Denier’?

If you are like me, you may wander around the tight section of a shop, wondering what the difference is between the deniers and what on earth the term ‘denier’ means? Although us women see this term quite regularly, many of us are still uncertain what it relates to. This article finally resolves this tights […]

Wear Tights with Peep-Toe Shoes

So if you want to wear peep-toe high heel shoes for four seasons, then you can do as follows. First of all, consider purchasing dark neutral tights, such as black or chocolate brown, as these colors are typically the easiest to work with. When donning your tights, make sure to pull the toe seam to […]

Secrets and techniques for Buying Tights Using the web

There may be little question that whatever we select to put on our legs is really a manifestation of our style. Thanks to advancements in fiber engineering, our options in tights or stockings haven’t been greater. And, because of the Web,we are able toeasily discover goods that simply aren’t going to be accessible in the […]

Fashion Guide For Sexy Women Tights

Fashion Guide For Sexy Women Tights By: Dexter James   Are you planning to wear only skirts this spring? But you can't dare to do so because you own a pair of oh-not-so-beautiful legs. Nothing to be worried about. Here are the solutions in the form of women tights exclusively for spring. They are colorful […]