High Heels fetish

The woman in the pic has an high heels fetish… not my words, she describes herself as an high heels fetishist. Someone says fetishes are just a male things, women can’t be fetishist so what do we have here?  A lesbian? Or maybe a great looking, long legged girl with a passion for tattoos, stockings […]

Tights for Sexy Legs

Inspired by the hose worn by European men in the middle ages, fashion designers created a one-piece garment that sheaths the waist, extends to the legs, up to the toes, and named it tights. Tights are available in various styles, colors and sizes. Often mistaken for pantyhose or leggings, there is a subtle difference between […]

Fashion Guide For Sexy Women Tights

Fashion Guide For Sexy Women Tights By: Dexter James   Are you planning to wear only skirts this spring? But you can't dare to do so because you own a pair of oh-not-so-beautiful legs. Nothing to be worried about. Here are the solutions in the form of women tights exclusively for spring. They are colorful […]