Shunga – Dragon Intensifying Cream

Many couples seek a milder ‘Fire & Ice’ sensation effect to enjoy lovemaking. Therefore, Shunga offers a sensitive Dragon version. It’s less intense and just as fun! – Made from all-natural extracts & herbs – Latex-safe – Lubricated texture – Decadent flavor – Enjoyable with or without a partner – 30 to 45 minutes of […]

Cruiser – Self-Lubricating Anal Tool Kit

Cruiser is a new launch anal product, the set contains 1 self-lubricating rechargeable shaft with 3 separate sheaths; tapered, butt plug and prostate massage, all packaged in a luxury leather Cruiser branded box. Included in the kit is the following: • Cascade vibration unit with self-lubrication feature • A tapered anal training attachment; the perfect […]

Lelo – Personal Moisturizer Bottle

Lelo’s Personal Moisturizer is specially formulated to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of intimate activities. This long-lasting water-based formula moisturizes with aloe vera, making it suitable for use in almost any situation you desire. Glycerine free, paraben free, and fragrance free, it is a safe and satisfying addition to any sensual experience. Furthermore, Lelo’s Personal […]

Caution Toys Slippery When Wet

One of the things that is often joked about in the world of sex and all of its wonderful variations is lubricant. Basically the role of lubricant cannot be overstated. Without it things do not seem to move together very smoothly at all and really isn’t that pretty much what it’s all about, the S&M […]