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Slippery When WetOne of the things that is often joked about in the world of sex and all of its wonderful variations is lubricant. Basically the role of lubricant cannot be overstated. Without it things do not seem to move together very smoothly at all and really isn’t that pretty much what it’s all about, the S&M crowd accepted of course. The real question here then isn’t that you need lube or that more is better it’s which one is right for the activities I am engaging in. This is never truer than when engaging you or your partner with sex toys, which is yet another problem. There seem to be more sex toys out there than a sane person can count.

There are a number of different lubricants out there, some of them are organic, and most are inorganic. Water based lubricant are indeed water soluble and still for the most widely used lubricant today. Probably the real biggest problem with water based lubricant is their tendency to dry out leaving the dry sticky chemical residues behind. As in the lubricant is not slippery anymore. Reapplication reactivates them but that gets old real fast. Oil based lubricants are best for women in a relationship where condoms are not used. Oil based lubricants do not dry out like the water based but because the oil based and latex based condoms are have the same base the condoms tend to break down during use. There are also the fertility based lubricants; these lubricants are meant to facilitate pregnancy. Most lubricants on the market today have the wrong chemical ph balance and are not what we shall call sperm friendly. There actually some organic lubricants out there though they are few in comparison, most of them are plant based in origin. Silicone lubricants are probably the best for couples not playing with any other inorganic substance since silicone tends to want to dissolve the surface of most sex toys on the market today.

Lubricants are especially important during the use of sex toys. There are so many different types of sex toys available now and the list is growing all the time. There are dildos, vibrators, realistic pussies, anal beads, butt plugs, sex dolls and much more. The sex toys world for both men and women is growing at an alarming rate. Sex toys are now seen as a healthy way to express sexuality in a normal relationship. Sex toys can actually be just about anything, from ice cubes to food items, from feathers to neck ties, from ping pong paddles to a sexy pair of panties. Admittedly when we think of sex toys we think of items purchased in an adult store. Sex toys are so much more now, from the lowly glow in the dark flavored condom to the ultra expensive love dolls sex toys are huge commercial industry who found the ultimate home and marketing tool in the internet.

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Lubricants keep the ins and outs of the sex world flowing smoothly. Sex toys are so varied in shape, sizes and styles that it’s almost impossible to keep them all straight.

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