How To Do Sex Magic

sex-magic-spellIt’s important to clear up any misconceptions about sex magic before one considers using it. It’s not a game nor is it meant to spice up a boring sex life. It’s not even for sexual pleasure or making babies. That said, it is not at all impossible to consider that it will greatly transform the way you make love. Your intention might be to attract money, obtain spiritual elevation or promote healing.

Your feelings and what you’re thinking about are the essential materials to needed to create your desired outcome using the pure power that is abundant in the universe. In order to successfully use magical sex your mind must be focused and your intentions must be clear. You’re already in a heightened state of awareness once you are near sexual climax. When you work sex magic it ups the ante tremendously. Sex magic forces you to experience a mind-body-spirit moment. You create intention with your mind, the energy is provided by your body and Spirit will do the rest.

Anyone can work with this powerful energy! You might already be a practitioner of magic. If so, simply incorporate it into your current rituals. The basics are pretty much the same as for any other type of magic.

If you aren’t currently a practitioner of magic or believe in any particular magical tradition, that’s fine. Sexual energy does not play favorites, it’s neutral and will work for everyone. It doesn’t have a moral sense which dictates what is either god or bad.

You don’t need a partner of the opposite sex to do sex magic. This type of ritualized working does make use of feminine and masculine energy. Everyone, no matter their genera or sexual orientation, has both female and male energy within them. Gay and lesbian couples can also do sex magic. In fact, a partner is not even required to perform sex magic. Sex with yourself (i.e. masturbation) will also work. It’s probably a good place to start before you begin practicing with a partner. You can even invoke the deity of your choice to participate with you, if you wish.

Being good at this is just like any other skill. It takes practice and can eventually become an art. The first lesson is to slow it down. A lot of us get in the habit of rushing the act, instead of enjoying a relaxed pace during sex. By prolonging the sex act and letting your sexual energy to build your magical power will be enhanced. Bask in your eroticism. Allow your excitement to slowly work up into a near orgasm level. Then stop. Breathe deeply and mentally turn your focus from the stimulation in your sex organs to other parts of your body. This could be your back, shoulders, arms, etc. When the intense sexual sensation has subsided, slowly work your level of excitement back up. until you are once again at the point of climax. Slow down and re-focus again. Keep on in this fashion, slowly building and easing up. The goal is to practice enough to where you will be able to remain near peak for an extended amount of time.

Once you’re finally ready to release your built up energy, hold your intention strongly and vividly in your mind. Visualize how you’ll feel once you receive what you desire. Allow your orgasm to overtake you. As this happens, it transports your intention with it, like an ocean wave crashing to the shore. The energy you’ve produced takes your intention direct into the universe, where it is being birthed for reality.

After reaching your point of no return, calm yourself and think about your desired outcome. Enjoy the peace and relaxation that will flow within you. It is now in the hands of the great mother universe.

Now that you understand the essentials, I encourage you to give it a try. Sexual energy is powerful, easy to access and is natural. It’s the basics to happiness, health and wealth. It’s all within your reach.

Tahirah Olufemi is the author of several books on spirituality, astrology, tantric sexuality, relationships, holistic healing and nutrition.

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